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Dating Tips & Advice

3 Easy Dating Ideas Most Singles Never Consider

There are multiple places to go for advice on dating. We want to give you some tips based on our experience that we’ve gained over the last 27 years. This might not be the usual advice you’ll get from a TV Show or other relationship celebrities, but it is advice that we think could help you.

#1 Tip — Date Locally. You Can’t Cuddle With Somebody 3,000 Miles Away.

Sure long distance relationships may seem exciting, but unfortunately they rarely work. Why? Because it’s easy for individuals to put up a front or a “mask” for short periods of time. When you meet someone who resides a distance away from you, they are often acting differently in those limited meetings than the person they truly are the rest of the time. It’s a pity, but it is often hard to find out what they are all about because the long distance relationship often serves for some as an escape from the everyday. In fact, many people really put forward an alter ego when dating someone long-distance because it’s not hard to keep up the disguise for short periods of time. Also be aware that many singles in relationships cheat and try to connect with somebody who lives across the country where it would be difficult for their significant other to find out.

#2 Tip — Find Somebody With Similar Relationship Goals.

Perhaps the most common issue facing singles today is being connected with individuals who have different relationship ideals. In fact, we see it as perhaps the biggest unknown problem daters face today. Just because two individuals want to date does not mean they want the same thing in a relationship. If you are seeking companionship that could ultimately lead to a lasting marriage, meeting somebody with no interest in marriage will only cause emotional pain in the end. Sure, you can have a lot in common and enjoy sharing time with each other, but when the day comes to make a commitment, if they are not on the same page with you, they run towards the door. If you sincerely want a relationship, don’t fall for the pitfalls and think that all dating sites attract singles that want real relationships. The truth is the biggest and most successful online dating sites are built to cater to casual daters.

#3 Tip — Beware of Masks.

Most individuals put their best foot forward when meeting someone new. Their natural inclination is to be on their best behavior because they want you to enjoy their company. They often guess what you want to hear and portray themselves as the ideal individual for you. We often refer to this best foot forward phenomenon as the “Me too syndrome.” 'Oh, you like that? Yeah, me too. You play racquetball? Yeah, me too. Oh you go to church? Yeah, me too. You go and tell your friends “Wow, I might have met the perfect one. We are so ideally compatible.” Whoops! Then the disguise comes down and you get to find out what they are really about. Unfortunately many individuals promise us the stars but deliver us nothing but dirt. The disguise somebody wears may be ideal for you, but their real personality is just way wrong for an enduring relationship with you. It’s very difficult to figure out real compatibility when you first meet, which is why working with a Matchmaker that gets to know you and the individuals you are meeting can help you steer clear of relationships that are dead ends for you.